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Welcome to my world of art! A very long time ago, I attended the Norwich Free Academy School of Fine Arts and dabbled in art for most of my life, but I didn't start selling/marketing my work until 2000. I have been painting now for over 17 years and I'm fortunate to have sold over 1000 paintings during that time. The most popular collection is known as the "Girls from Behind" Collection. Girls wearing long dresses or skirts painted walking away from the viewer. Most of my work is done in a dreamy, impressionistic style.  

My work has been in galleries, shops, restaurants, and physician's offices.  Recently I have begun painting more mixed media and abstract pieces.  

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Collectors Say
  1. Collector from LA
    Collector from LA
    I really love your FOLK paintings and the colors and themes are exceptional! I know that you will find great demand for your work down here in the South.LOUISIANA.
  2. Collector from GA
    Collector from GA
    Hi, I am so excited to be purchasing your painting. I am a female trial lawyer. Often, I feel like I'm fighting against the wind, but justice usually prevails. I also love the color red. Not surprising why I was drawn to your painting. It is beautiful and inspiring. You can always choose grace even when the wind is against you. GEORGIA
  3. Collector from CO
    Collector from CO
    Thank you very much, Lisa. It is an honor to have one of your paintings. From what I've seen, you paint with passion and a vibrant spirit. I am sure we will always enjoy this work of yours. COLORADO
  4. Art Dealer from TX
    Art Dealer from TX
    I am an art dealer to the trade and I must say I enjoyed looking at your work. The colors, style, and perspective are terrific. TEXAS
  5. Catholic Hospital from VA
    Catholic Hospital from VA
    'What wonderful work! I am so excited to be able to use several for a new project at my day job, as a Catholic hospital system that is opening a family education center! These works portray the true relationship of mothers and their babies, and the diversity we celebrate in our community. Thanks SO much! VIRGINIA
  6. Pet Portrait Commission from AZ
    Pet Portrait Commission from AZ
    I am so happy to have purchased the pet portrait. I've been thinking about it for a few years now...and you are the first style that I have liked! ARIZONA

"The painting you crafted for me of my girls is so much more beautiful than my imagination could create! You are quite the talent and so much patience to adhere to all my requests! Thank you again for your magnificent creation! I will cherish this work of yours forever!"

Christie S. from Charlotte, NC

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